A Trademark Home Services team member.

Each service technician shall have a minimum of 3 years of experience.
Each home comfort expert shall be trained in engineering analysis, with the ability to accurately calculate the amount of BTUs per hour being utilized by a customer.
Every employee shall maintain that the customer is “always right”.
Each employee will do whatever is necessary to resolve any client’s concerns.
Every employee shall act honestly and work with integrity while serving on our team.
Employees shall never use profanity or tobacco in the presence of customers. (A $100 fee shall be paid to the customer if profanity or tobacco is used in their presence).
A professional HVAC technician repairing an AC unit.

Every employee is required to take a drug test.
Every employee must be screened with a background check.
Every employee must pass an INS verification.
Employees will be subject to random drug tests at any time.
Smoking is not allowed in or around customer’s residence, company property, or company vehicles (or whenever in uniform).
Employees must be conscious of cigarette odors that linger on the body and must use an odor neutralizing spray to mask the smell.
Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited while on duty.
A professional HVAC technician assessing HVAC unit.

Every employee will adhere to our company dress code/appearance policy.
Home comfort experts and service technicians will wear a blue uniform shirt with the Trademark Home Services logo and grey uniform pants. This helps properly identify them as Trademark employees.
Only clean, pressed, and properly fitted business attire shall be acceptable.
Hair should be clean, combed, and neatly trimmed. Shaggy, unkempt hair is not permissible.
Good personal hygiene must be maintained.
Body art (tattoos) that may be considered offensive shall be covered at all times.
Piercings are not allowed on the face or in the mouth.