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  • 5 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Electrical Wiring

    The electrical wiring in our homes is an essential feature that we rely on day in and day out to power our various household appliances. Unfortunately, most people do not ever think about the quality or condition of their home’s wiring until disaster strikes. Electrical malfunctions are the leading cause of house fires, devastating more than 50,000 fires per year. Luckily, many of these disasters ...
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  • Holiday Light Troubles? Call Your Electricians in Sugar Land

    If you look forward to the holidays each year, simply so that you can take out your strings of lights and decorate your house and yard, it’s important to be sure that you have adequate outlets and power for your lights. Older homes may not have enough juice to adequately power both the inside and outside of the home, and if you’re noticing dim or flickering lights this season, make a point to call ...
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  • Protect Your Investment with Proper Electrical Wiring

    You’ve just purchased the home theater system of your dreams, but you’re afraid that you don’t have enough power to run it all. If you’re hunting for outlets or solely relying on extensions cords, call your electricians in Sugar Land today. At Trademark Home Services, we can install new breaker panels, outlets, and even set up surge protection for your expensive electrical equipment. The last ...
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  • Update Your Lighting Fixtures the Right Way

    If you need installation for new lighting, a new ceiling fan, or need more outlets in your home, contact Trademark Home Services today. As your electricians in Sugar Land , we can wire your home correctly the first time, so you won’t have to worry about faulty switches or potentially dangerous outlets. Perhaps you just redid your bathroom or kitchen and need a new light over the sink or vanity; we ...
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  • How Surge Protection Protects Your Home from Disaster

    If you enjoy the convenience of electricity in your home, it’s not a matter of if, but rather when an unexpected power outage will occur. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than discovering ruined electrical devices as a result. Investing in proper surge protection as a means of preserving your appliances and equipment is the best way you can protect your home from disaster. How Surge Protectors Work ...
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  • Electrical Emergency? Contact Your Electrician in Sugar Land Right Away

    If there is smoke or a strange odor coming from your electrical breaker box, you could have a serious issue. It’s never wise to try to open or investigate a malfunctioning breaker box. When an emergency like this occurs, you need to call your electrician in Sugar Land right away. At Trademark Home Services, we offer 24 hour emergency repair, so we can be there and take care of your breaker before ...
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  • Update Your Outdoor Lighting

    You have been in your home for 20 years now and have decided to update some outside lighting. Maybe you have a lamp post and some stair lighting along with some front porch lights that need to be replaced and are wondering where to start. First off visit a lighting store and pick out some lights you really like. The next step is to call an electrician. If you’re in the Sugar Land TX area, call ...
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  • Efficient and reliable electricians in Sugar Land available

    As the place that houses the most professional and reliable electricians in Sugar Land , we feel that we are partially responsible for providing you with some helpful tips when dealing with common electrical issues. These often are caused because the wiring of houses might be a tad out of date, which often leads to lighting, electronics and other appliances becoming overworked and strained. This ...
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  • Why You Should Never Perform Electrical Repairs Yourself

    Are you thinking about doing your own electrical work? These days, everyone wants to save money, but there are a few areas that you should leave for the professionals. While some home electrical repair projects are completely safe, Trademark Home Services recommends limiting yourself to repairing minor unplugged appliances. When it comes to adjusting outlets, fixtures or other types of wiring, it ...
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