How Do I Protect My Home from a Pest Infestation?

How Do I Protect My Home from a Pest Infestation?

Rodents, termites, and other pests can be extremely frustrating. They can cause immense damage to your home’s structure, resulting in expensive repairs. Furthermore, they can put you and your family at risk for allergies, diseases, and spider or insect bites, as well as other negative consequences. During the cold winter months or hot summer days, insects and pests may try to enter your home in search of water and to escape the harsh weather conditions. In order to protect your home from pests, there are several steps you can take.

How to Protect the Area Around Your House

One way to protect your home from insects and other pests is to ensure the walls of your home are clear and free of contact with vegetation. Specifically, it is recommended that you keep firewood at least 20 feet away from your house, and mulch at least 15 feet away from the foundation. You should also keep trees, bushes, grass, and plants trimmed and away from your home’s structure.

In addition, you should check to ensure all easy access points are sealed. If the area around utility pipes is cracked, you can use caulk to seal it and keep insects out. Furthermore, you should use steel wool to block larger holes in your home’s structure to deter any pests from entering.

Performing necessary repairs is also important to help protect your home from pests. This may involve:

  1. Repairing fascia and rotten roof shingles
  2. Replacing weather-stripping
  3. Repairing rips or tears in window and chimney screens
  4. Repairing loose mortar around your basement windows or foundation
  5. Repairing leaky faucets or other plumbing issues that could cause water damage
  6. Repairing A/C units and ensuring duct systems are properly sealed and functional

By inspecting your home and repairing any broken, cracked, or leaking components, you can reduce the number of entry points available to insects and rodents. You should also remove leaves and debris from the gutters around your home, and make sure downspouts and splash blocks are clean and clear. This will allow them to drain water from your home.

How to Protect the Area Inside Your House

There are also things you can do inside your home to decrease the risk of a pest infestation. Cleaning countertops and storing food in airtight containers can help reduce the possibility of an ant problem in your kitchen. You should also store dry pet food in a plastic bag or a sealed container instead of the paper bag it usually comes in.

In addition, you should vacuum your home at least once a week, and clean out your pet bowls after every meal. Throwing away trash in a sealed trash bin on a regular basis can also help eliminate attractions for insects. Furthermore, you should check under your sinks for any leakage or areas of moisture that may cause mold to grow. Water damage can weaken your home's structure, allowing termites and other pests to enter. Keeping your animals properly groomed and inspecting them for ticks on a regular basis can also help you avoid an infestation.

Pest Control Services in Sugar Land

If your home has suffered a pest infestation, Trademark Home Services can help. Our technicians are experienced and trained to handle all kinds of infestations. Whether your home is being damaged by termites, or you have spiders or ants everywhere, we will work diligently to fix the issue and leave your home pest-free. We will inspect your home, use effective and environmentally friendly techniques to get rid of the pests, and create a prevention plan tailored to your specific needs. With our Sugar Land pest control services, you can enjoy personal and timely assistance for your pest control problems.

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