Get Ready for Summer by Installing Our Energy Saving Pool Pump

Get Ready for Summer by Installing Our Energy Saving Pool Pump

The pool pump is one of the most important components of your pool. It constantly filters the water, keeping it clean and free of debris, algae, and other pollutants. Especially when summer arrives and you are spending more time in the refreshing water, you need to ensure your pool pump is functioning at full capacity. There will be more debris in the water, making it important to have an efficient pool pump to keep the water clean and fresh.

We install a variety of pool pumps, including the IntelliFlo variable speed pump from Pentair. This system provides many benefits:

  1. It helps you save energy and money. Our pool pump will allow you to use less electricity to keep your pool clean and circulated. Furthermore, it is estimated that the average homeowner may save up to 90% when using this pool pump system when compared to other traditional pool pumps. This means you will save money each month on energy bills, and you will still be able to enjoy the full effects of a quality pool pump. It also has variable speeds that allow you to control the pump manually, or to set it automatically. This will let you control how often and long it runs, which can help you save money, especially in the winter months when you don’t use the pool very often.
  2. It keeps your pool clean and clear. The IntelliFlo pool pump uses cutting edge technology and high quality components to keep your pool clean and free of harmful pollutants and unsightly debris. With this pump installed, you can rest assured knowing your pool is circulated and filtered all year long without pushing your energy bills up. Furthermore, the pump has a permanent magnet to reduce vibration and lengthen its lifespan. This means it will function at full capacity for longer than traditional pump systems, letting you enjoy clear and fresh water in your pool for a long time.
  3. It is easy to install. Our pool pump system is easy to install, and is compatible with top brands. These include IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, and SunTouch. Our pool pump works with virtually any pool or spa design. It is also quiet, and works efficiently to keep your pool or spa clean. Once our technicians have installed the system, we will run a test to ensure it is functioning properly.

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