Get Your Windows Ready for Winter!

Get Your Windows Ready for Winter!

Summer is coming to an end and that means before you know it, the cold winter months will be upon us. When the chill hits, homeowners everywhere will be firing up their heaters to try to stay warm. However, if your windows aren’t prepared, your heater will be working overtime just to try and keep up with your demands. Windows are a huge source of heat loss in your home, allowing warm air in during summer and out during winter. Want to avoid this problem? Here are a few ways to get your windows ready before the cold temperatures of winter arrive.

Storm Windows

Replacing your windows costs thousands of dollars, but storm windows cost only a fraction of that, and are fairly easy to put up and take down on single-story homes. These are a fairly simple option for homeowners looking to avoid heat loss since they create an extra seal and added layer of air insulation between your windows and the frigid outside temperatures.

Check for Gaps

Are your windows brand new? Chances are, probably not. In fact, you may not even know how old your windows are or who installed them. This means you should check around your windows for air gaps. These extremely small leaks are enough for air to seep through and leave your home, leaving you cold. Gaps aren’t uncommon, mostly because window installers need a small gap to slide the window in place, but a quality contractor will seal the gaps with spray foam. Over time, this insulation will wear out, which means you should consider replacing it with more foam or some caulking.

Replace Weather Stripping

Doors and windows alike both use weather stripping to try to keep drafts and heat loss to a minimum. While this material is effective, it’s really only good for a few years at the absolute maximum. Eventually, it cracks and loses effectiveness, which means it needs replaced. Your local hardware store will sell plenty of different weather stripping options, and you’ll be shocked how much you’ll save from just a few dollars’ worth of materials.

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