Blog Posts in September, 2017

  • Things You May Not Know About Garbage Disposals

    Do you have a garbage disposal? If so, you may not even think twice about it. But when you flip on the switch and get rid of your food waste through this device, you’re actually doing yourself, your community, and the environment a number of favors. How? Check out these little-known facts about garbage disposals to learn more about why they’re so beneficial. Garbage Disposals Reduce Food Waste Out ...
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  • Get Your Windows Ready for Winter!

    Summer is coming to an end and that means before you know it, the cold winter months will be upon us. When the chill hits, homeowners everywhere will be firing up their heaters to try to stay warm. However, if your windows aren’t prepared, your heater will be working overtime just to try and keep up with your demands. Windows are a huge source of heat loss in your home, allowing warm air in during ...
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