Five Surprising Garbage Disposal Myths

Five Surprising Garbage Disposal Myths

Do you have a garbage disposal in your home? If so, you probably appreciate how quick and sanitary this devices makes food disposal for you when cleaning up after meals. However, you may not realize just how much of what you thought was true about your garbage disposal may actually be completely wrong and you could actually be harming this valuable machine.

Here are five common garbage disposal myths and the truth about them.

#1: Garbage disposals are extremely dangerous machines full of sharp, spinning blades.
What many people don’t realize is that a garbage disposal doesn’t actually have any blades at all. Most units use a system of shredding teeth instead, which spin at high speeds to give them the ability to quickly take care of any organic matter thrown into them. Obviously don’t stick your hand down your disposal while it’s turned on, but they’re safer to use than you might think.

#2: You can put anything down your disposal with hot water.
Some foods are generally not good to put down the drain, regardless of whether or not you have a garbage disposal. Grease, fats, or starches have a tendency to solidify and turn into clogs quickly in your plumbing, and stringy, fibrous foods can do the same while also getting stuck to the inside edges of your garbage disposal. Furthermore, there’s a good rule of thumb you should follow: if you can’t chew it, neither can the unit. This means things like eggshells and other solid food waste should be tossed to the regular trash can.

#3: Ice sharpens your disposal.
Ice doesn’t actually really do much for your disposal at all. While some people argue that it can help clean your disposal (see below), it doesn’t really have any effect on your system’s grinding teeth. And likewise, you could possibly put a dent in one, which may jam your disposal if it’s bad enough.

#4: You can’t clean your disposal.
Dealing with nasty odors? Try creating a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, rock salt, and lemon or lime and then slowly filtering it down your drain. This can help you eliminate any odors that may be coming from food that has become stuck in your disposal and leave your kitchen smelling fresh.

#5: I can fix my garbage disposal.
While those who have some considerable handiwork skills may be able to disassemble their kitchen plumbing, working on a broken down garbage disposal requires a lot of experience and skill. It’s highly advised you leave the job to a Sugar Land plumber to make sure everything gets done properly.

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