Three Signs You Need a New Heat Pump

Three Signs You Need a New Heat Pump

A heating system may be simple in principle, but the fact is that furnaces are complex and intricate appliances that depend on a lot of different things to work properly. One of these critical components is your heat pump, which essentially gathers the heat from a cold space and then moves it to warm a different space. When your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working properly, your heat pump could be to blame. Here are three signs that you might need a new heat pump and you should call a Sugar Land heating services expert to schedule an inspection.

System Age

Even a well-kept heater will eventually grow old and break down over time. Years of reliance and constant operation will eventually cause your heater to break down. Under ideal conditions, a heat pump will usually last you anywhere from 10-15 years. While some people may even get more time out of their pumps, they will all eventually fail as they’re constantly aging in ways that can’t be reversed or repaired. If you aren’t sure how old your system is, check the serial number, which often also has a date of manufacture located in the number or nearby.

Rising Energy Bills

One of the most obvious clues that something is wrong with your heater is a sudden spike in your utility bills. While it’s normal to see an increase during winter months because you’re running your heater, a spike that’s way out of the ordinary may be pointing to a heat pump that can’t keep up with the amount of exchange you’re asking of it. When this is the case, your system has to run longer to heat your home, which leads to much higher energy consumption.

Lack of Consistent Heat

You’re running your heater, constantly, so why does it always feel like your home is cold? Simple: your heat pump is going down and can’t keep up anymore. As heat pumps age, they become less effective at performing their job, and when that happens they need to be replaced. This is arguably the biggest giveaway of a problem with your heat pump: a heat pump that can’t exchange heat can’t send the needed heat back into your home.

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