4 Tips for Purchasing a New AC Unit

4 Tips for Purchasing a New AC Unit

Upgrading your AC can help you save energy and money, but choosing the wrong unit for your home may cause you to pay more in the long run. Installing the correct unit for your home is important to ensure that you don’t waste energy and money, but also that your AC unit lasts for its full expected lifespan. Your local AC service company can help you evaluate the needs of your home, and can help you choose and install the perfect unit. Here are several tips to help you choose the correct AC unit for your home.

1. Pick the Correct SEER Value

SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the objective evaluation of the energy efficiency of an air conditioner unit. This measure rates how energy efficient the unit is, but there is one drawback—the test is conducted under laboratory conditions, not the real world. The SEER rating of your unit may not accurately reflect the actual efficiency of your unit once in use.

The Cons of a High SEER Value Unit

High SEER values mean advanced technology and delicate components. These can equal expensive maintenance costs and frequent repairs. Your AC unit’s efficiency will be determined by a number of factors, including the climate you live in, your temperature settings, the size of your home, and more. You may pay for a high SEER value unit, only to get the same efficiency of a lower-rated system.

Choosing the Right SEER Value

Federal regulations mandate that all new units must have at least a 13 SEER, which can be a significant upgrade from your old unit. You may not need a unit with a value that is more than twice your old unit’s SEER to see an increase in efficiency and a decrease in electrical costs. A contractor may recommend a pricier unit, but often, units with a 14 to 16 SEER can save you money on cooling expenses and can save you money when you install your new unit.

2. Choose the Proper Size Unit

A correctly sized AC unit will work more efficiently to cool your home. A too-small unit may struggle to meet your demands and become worn out more quickly. A too-large unit will waste energy and cost more than you should be spending to install. For these reasons, you should request that an HVAC technician perform a thorough inspection and evaluation of your home before you purchase a unit. During this inspection, the technician will examine your attic, crawlspaces, and basement, as well as each room of your home. They will evaluate your home’s location, insulation, square footage, sun exposure, the local climate, and other factors to determine the size of the unit you should install.

AC unit sizes are measured in “tons,” which isn’t referring to weight. A ton is the measurement of a unit’s cooling power. In warm climates, you will likely need one ton of cooling power for every 400 square feet of living space. Your AC service professional can help you choose the correct sized unit.

3. Find a Fair Price

When replacing your unit, you will want to not only pick a unit that suits your needs, but also is priced fairly. When looking for a unit, it is worth remembering that there are dozens of brands of air conditioners, all with their own price-point. Not all brands are the same, so you should discuss your choices with a qualified HVAC technician.Installing a brand new AC system can be costly, but cutting the cost may mean that you are getting sub par workmanship or a unit that will require frequent repairs.

Be certain to request a breakdown of all your costs when you receive an estimate for your new system. Installation costs, fees, taxes, a thermostat, a high-quality air filter, duct repairs or upgrades, and other expenses can significantly increase the cost of your installation. The price of the unit is one piece of the total cost. A fair AC service company should provide you with this information to help you make a choice you are satisfied with.

4. Choose a Highly Recommended HVAC Contractor

You can choose the perfect unit for your needs, but a poor installation can leave you struggling with repairs and breakdowns. The contractor who installs your unit should be trustworthy and capable. Read reviews online across multiple review sites, or ask friends and family if they have any companies they recommend. Begin your search by collecting several bids from local contractors. Look for a contractor who offers you a fair price, backs up their work with a warranty or guarantee, and who you feel that you can work with. A reputable contractor should be more concerned with setting themselves apart from the competition, rather than being concerned that you are gathering bids.

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