Enjoy These 5 Summer Activities & Save Money on Your AC

Enjoy These 5 Summer Activities & Save Money on Your AC

Summer is upon us, and soaring temperatures can make cooling costs rise. Saving money can be a priority for many homeowners, so it can be important for many people to cut their cooling costs. Proper maintenance, programmable thermostats, and updating your HVAC system can help, but you may be looking for a way to further decrease your cooling expenses, but in a way that doesn’t leave you sweating in the summer heat. Getting out of the house may be just the thing to keep you cool, while cutting your electricity bill. Here are some fun summer activities that may help you cool off.

1. Go to the Movies

Summertime means summer blockbusters! Check out the latest movies and enjoy some popcorn and an air conditioned theater for a few hours. Don’t forget to raise the thermostat settings for your AC while you’re gone. Increasing the temperature of your home while you’re away can help cut your electricity consumption and can lower your bills.

2. Go to a Water Park

Enjoy a family trip to your local water park for a day of fun away from home. Cool off with a trip down the lazy river, enjoy the thrill of a twisting water slide, and splash in the wave pool. Just don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen as needed, wear life vests, and turn up the thermostat before you go!

3. Take a Class

Want to learn a new skill? Look around your community for classes on something you want to learn. You can try your hand at cake decorating, knitting, painting, sculpting, or another craft. You can also look for lectures and courses on history, politics, philosophy, literature, or other topics. Sometimes these classes can be found for free or at a discount as well, saving you even more money. While you’re off becoming the next Master Chef, don’t forget to turn off your home’s AC or turn up the temperature up to save on cooling costs.

4. Go to the Beach

The beach can be plenty warm and sunny, but a dip in the ocean can keep you feeling cool and refreshed. Don’t forget to pack snacks for your excursion, and bring plenty to drink! Sitting in the sun can cause you to get dehydrated, so drink plenty of water and apply lots of sunscreen to protect yourself as you enjoy the beach. While you’re out, don’t forget to switch off the lights, lower the blinds, and close all the windows to keep your home from heating up too much.

5. Take a Trip to a Museum

Check out a local history museum, take a trip to the aquarium, or hone your art knowledge at an art museum this summer. You can spend hours reading, learning, and admiring what your local museums have to offer, and enjoy their cool atmospheres. Don’t forget to bump the thermostat up a few degrees while you’re gone!

Whatever you choose to do, it is important to remember to change your thermostat settings so your HVAC system isn’t cooling an empty house. Doing this whenever you’re leaving for a few hours can save you electricity and lower your energy bills this summer. Don’t forget to help insulate your home by closing the windows and drawing the shades to keep the sun from warming the inside.

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