Why Your Furnace Smells Strange

Why Your Furnace Smells Strange

During the winter, many Texans rely on their furnace to keep them warm. Now that the weather has started to get colder, many are starting to turn on their furnace and may find certain odors coming from their heating systems. An odor is usually not a good sign and may indicate that something could be wrong with your unit. Read more about the common smells from furnaces and when you should call a technician.

Furnace Smells That You Should Never Ignore

Never ignore your furnace if you detect these smells:

  • Electric or metallic odors: These smells could mean a number of things, such as overheating or a wiring problem. This is definitely a smell that you should never ignore, as it likely means that your furnace needs repairs. If you notice this smell, shut off the furnace and call your HVAC specialist immediately.
  • Rotten egg stench: When you smell rotten egg, this can be a sign that there may be a gas leak, which can lead to fires and explosions. Many utility companies usually add this particular odor into their gas (which is naturally odorless) so that people can detect the leaks. If you smell rotten eggs, open the doors and windows, head outdoors, and call your HVAC professional immediately.
  • Moldy or dusty smells: If you have started to run your furnace for the first time this season, you may notice a dusty or burning smell. This smell is caused by the furnace burning the dust in system, and the smell should go away once the dust is all gone. If you continue to smell something dusty, call our HVAC technicians. We can inspect your system and test your indoor air quality.

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