What's That Gurgling Noise Coming From My Pipes?

What's That Gurgling Noise Coming From My Pipes?

Do you hear any strange gurgling or bubbling noises coming from your sink, shower, bathtub, or even your toilet? Does it seem like your drains take a while to fully recede? These are tell-tale signs of a blockage in your plumbing system which requires your attention. When you experience any of these issues, you should contact a Sugar Land plumber to schedule a repair as soon as possible. Letting one of these issues go can make the issue worse or even cause serious damage to your plumbing.

What Causes Gurgling Noises?

Gurgling noises are often created by air bubbles that get caught in a clogged or blocked pluming line. Since air bubbles can’t escape through the pipe itself, they often work their way back up the drain, bursting at the surface and causing the gurgling noise. The gurgling can also come from a vent pipe if this is the easiest route for bubbles to escape, resulting a more muffled but still audible noise.

Blockages are most frequently caused by typical drain hazards, like hair, grease, food, and other materials prone to causing buildup. This buildup can slowly cause a drain pipe to close itself off or heavily restrict water flow through it. However, in more rare situations, a blockage can be caused by a collapsed pipe, which is a much more serious issue.

Fixing a Blockage

Clearing a blockage is important because an untreated blockage can eventually get worse over time, resulting in further damage to your plumbing. A blockage can create pressure in your pipes as water fails to flow smoothly; too much pressure could result in a pipe leak or even a pipe burst, which can cause immense damage to your home.

A collapsed pipe is a serious problem as well. These usually result in substantial water leaks into the land beneath the foundation in your home which can lead to a number of devastating problems that are difficult and expensive to fix.

A skilled plumber can use a number of tools to identify the source of your blockage and recommend the optimal strategy to fix the issue. One of these tools is a video inspection system, which can send a picture of the inside of your pipes back to your plumber in real-time to help them locate the issue and then recommend the optimal service to fix it.

The skilled technicians at Trademark Home Services can help you with any issues your home may be experiencing, including blocked drains. Whether you have a simple clogged drain or a major issue like a collapsed pipe, our team can provide you with top-quality workmanship and friendly service that we guarantee will make you 100% satisfied. We also offer emergency services and full home protection with our complete home care package.

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