Should You Switch to a Gas Heater?

Should You Switch to a Gas Heater?

The two most common types of modern heating systems are electric and natural gas powered systems. Odds are that if your system is relatively modern, it’s probably powered by natural gas, which is the unquestioned king of central heating technology in modern homes. However, many homes still have older electric systems installed. While these systems work reasonably well, they are generally more expensive to run and less effective than a natural gas system, which means many homeowners have considered making the switch. Should you? Let’s take a look at a few questions to find out.

What Kind of Electric Heater Do You Have?

Electric radiators or baseboard heaters do not require ductwork to heat your home, which is necessary to run a gas heating system. Adding ductwork to your home can be extremely expensive and cost-prohibitive for many homeowners, if it’s even possible. But if you already have ductwork installed, such as with a heat pump or electric furnace system, then switching to gas is significantly less expensive and time-consuming.

Is Natural Gas Offered?

Older homes or those located in more rural areas may not have natural gas readily available, and even if they do, they may be forced to add a gas line to operate properly, which could cost thousands. Be sure to consider this cost if it’s required to upgrade to natural gas heating.

Are the Cost Savings Worth It?

Natural gas is typically cheaper than electricity in most areas, so heating with it can save a good amount of money, but how much? If the savings will take far too long to earn back the investment you paid to make the upgrade, then you likely won’t notice any significant savings after paying a large sum.

Will Switching Impact the Environment?

Electricity is far more damaging to the environment to produce, particularly when coal is the primary source for the energy. Renewable energy is still not that common in the United States, so reducing your electricity consumption is generally better for the environment, particularly when you don’t have a say where your electricity comes from (unless you have solar panels installed in your home). Therefore, switching to natural gas is far more efficient and less damaging to the environment than an electric furnace, in addition to reducing your utility bills.

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