Winter Is Coming: Get Your Furnace and Heater Inspected

Winter Is Coming: Get Your Furnace and Heater Inspected

While it seems like just yesterday you were lounging out by the pool, time has flown by and the fall weather is starting to settle in. Believe it or not, pretty soon you will need to fire up your home’s furnace or heater to combat the chill of winter. Before that time comes, however, it is important you make sure your heater is working in peak condition. Routine maintenance and periodic servicing of your heater can not only protect yourself against an untimely failure, but it can also improve its efficiency and allow you to identify and address any major safety issues before they turn into potential home catastrophes.

To get your furnace ready for winter, be sure to do the following:

  1. Replace the air filter: The first thing an HVAC professional will do when servicing your heating system is to give it a thorough cleaning and swap out the air filter. This will remove the dust and grime that can build up in your heater and hinder its efficiency, allowing for a smoother air flow and reducing the stress on your unit’s internal fan.
  2. Inspect each component: Over time, certain parts of your heating system can become loose, broken, or missing, eventually leading to system failure and requiring costly repairs. Having a professional look over your system will ensure all necessary parts are present and functional, extending the life of your system.
  3. Fix leaks: Heated air that is unable to reach its intended destination is wasted energy and can jack up your monthly energy bill by a substantial margin. A technician will ensure there are no areas where hot air is escaping before reaching the appropriate vents.
  4. Bleed the system: If your home has a boiler and a steam or hot water radiator, your maintenance may require an additional step of bleeding air out of your radiator to ensure even heat delivery throughout your home.
  5. Clean your ducts: The ducts in your home can accumulate irritating allergens and particles over time, polluting your air quality if not periodically cleaned. If it has been a few years since your last duct cleaning, it may be a worthwhile to have your HVAC professional give them a good swabbing while servicing your heater.

Get Ready for Winter with Trademark Home Services

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