Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

When people think about allergies and the symptoms they cause – ranging from coughing to sneezing to stuffiness – the idea of being outdoors and surrounded by pollen and nature usually comes to mind. But the truth is that most of the time, the air that is the worst quality and the worst for your nose is the air inside your own home.

An inefficient or neglected HVAC system can become laden with all sorts of allergens and pollutants. Moisture buildups in the system can start spreading odors or microscopic bacteria. All in all, it is not a great time to be in your home if your HVAC system is in a less-than-ideal condition.

Luckily, there are some easy upgrades and methods you can consider to improve your indoor air quality, such as:

  1. Duct cleaning: The simplest solution is most often the right one. Air ducts that haven’t been serviced in years could easily have a thick coat of dust all throughout them. If you want a fast, efficient way of improving the indoor air quality in your home, hire a service technician who is qualified to remove all that unwanted gray matter.
  2. Widespread ventilation: Everyone knows that fresh air does a body good and that it keeps enclosed spaces from getting smelly. Many newer homes on the market are essentially hermetically sealed, constructed in such a way and with certain insulators so that airflow is nearly-nonexistent. This is great for keeping in heat and cold air but awful for fresh air flow. Using a whole-home mechanical ventilation system can cycle in fresh air without sacrificing the insulation quality of a home.
  3. Low humidity: Here in Sugar Land, Texas, it can feel pretty humid year round but sometimes you wake up and the air feels drier than the desert, especially in the winter. When humidity drops low quickly and stays there, it can make it feel like your home air is stagnant. Consider installing a humidifier in your house if your sinuses are especially sensitive to low humidity.
  4. Filter replacement: Although every indoor HVAC system has replaceable filters in it somewhere – usually by the main console – most people don’t know about them. The air filters are really the frontline of defense against junk, dust, and other small bits of matter that can get into the system and into your breathing air. Make sure you are using the optimal filter rating for your system and replace them whenever necessary.
  5. Electronic air cleaners: If you want to bring the fight to the pollutants in your air, you might want to think about getting an electronic air cleaning system installed into your HVAC ducts. Top-grade electronic air cleaners ionize particles in the incoming air, forcing them to get drawn and stuck to collector plates. They can also include UV light arrays that literally erase the DNA of organic pollutants, like microscopic germs and bacteria. Now that’s getting serious about improving indoor air quality!

Do you live in Sugar Land or the greater Houston metropolitan area and want to know more about HVAC upgrades and services to improve your indoor air quality? Contact Trademark Home Services to learn about the service options that can help you. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free estimates.