Your Home Could Be Over-Insulated

Your Home Could Be Over-Insulated

If you have been living in Texas for more than a year, we don’t have to tell you that the winter weather has a way of sneaking into your home and chilling your toes. Proper insulation, especially up in the attic, plays a critical role in keeping out the elements and keeping in your desired home temperature. Before you rush upstairs and to the walls to reinforce your insulation, you should know that there is such a thing as over-insulating your home.

If your home is over-insulated, you could experience these problems:

  1. High indoor humidity
  2. Rapid mold growth in damp areas
  3. Generally poor air quality or stuffiness

All of these problems are attributed to poor ventilation, which is caused when your home is over-insulated. Think of your home’s insulation as its form of clothing. Put too much on, and things are bound to get uncomfortable.

How to Fix Over-Insulation

If your home is feeling stuffy, you could just prop open a window and let some fresh air in. However, in the middle of the winter, this is not an ideal solution. You’ll get cold in a hurry and your HVAC system is going to need to work overtime to maintain the set temperature you want.

To correct over-insulation issues and avoiding letting in the elements, you can start by inspecting your home’s equipment. Specifically, is the heating and air conditioning unit the right size for your home? If it is too small, it won’t have the right power to circulate the air and you’ll wind up feeling stuffy and uncomfortable, despite having the right amount of insulation in your walls. Next, you can recruit the help of some indoor air quality products, appliances, and equipment. Dehumidifiers can work wonders for single rooms, UV light systems can clean the air as it goes through the vents, and so on. There are products out there that can make welcome differences without needing to do some home improvement.

Of course, sometimes the problem with over-insulation is the actual amount of insulation inside your home’s walls, ceiling, and attic. If too much was installed initially, you might have to get in there and remove some layering. Please be mindful of insulation dangers, especially if you live in a home that used asbestos.

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