Blog Posts in May, 2014

  • How Surge Protection Protects Your Home from Disaster

    If you enjoy the convenience of electricity in your home, it’s not a matter of if, but rather when an unexpected power outage will occur. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than discovering ruined electrical devices as a result. Investing in proper surge protection as a means of preserving your appliances and equipment is the best way you can protect your home from disaster. How Surge Protectors Work ...
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  • Keep Your Home Bug Free

    The last thing you want to see when you open your kitchen cupboards or drawers is an army of ants making their way towards your sugar and spices. You’ve probably heard that home remedies such as vinegar and lemon can repel the tiny invaders, but those may not completely stop the ant intrusion. When you need professional pest control in Sugar Land , call Trademark Home Services right away. We can ...
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  • Clean Drinking Water with Our Plumbing Services in Sugar Land

    When you turn on your tap to get a drink, you want to fill your glass with clean, refreshing water. Unfortunately, tap water can often contain harmful pollutants and chemicals, such as mercury and lead, that can be hazardous to your health. There is a way that you can provide clean drinking water to your faucets – with a water filtration system from Trademark Home Services. Our plumbing experts in ...
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  • Signs Your AC Needs Repair

    Summer is on its way and in Texas, that means heat and humidity. If your air conditioner is on the fritz, you need professional repair right away. For air conditioning repair in Sugar Land , contact Trademark Home Services. Our experienced technicians can have you feeling cooler in no time at all. We also offer emergency AC repair , so if your unit goes down in the middle of a sweltering Texas ...
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  • Electrical Emergency? Contact Your Electrician in Sugar Land Right Away

    If there is smoke or a strange odor coming from your electrical breaker box, you could have a serious issue. It’s never wise to try to open or investigate a malfunctioning breaker box. When an emergency like this occurs, you need to call your electrician in Sugar Land right away. At Trademark Home Services, we offer 24 hour emergency repair, so we can be there and take care of your breaker before ...
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