How to Prevent Termites In Your Home

How to Prevent Termites In Your Home

Termites are widespread throughout the country and can do thousands of dollars of damage to a home in a short amount of time. Termite control is essential in protecting what is likely to be your greatest asset: your home. Preventing pests such as termites requires action on your part as well as the services of a professional pest control service company.

Maintain Your Home

Termites are opportunity seekers. They will seek out and find sources of moisture such as water leaks from around your home. They also search for moist, rotted wood and cracks in crawlspaces and basement foundations. Routinely inspecting your home for signs of moisture, water leaks, and rotted wood and repairing these problems makes your property less attractive to termites.

Keep Wood Away

Wood that comes into contact with the soil is a prime way for termites to enter a home. Wood stacked up against a house also allows a route for termites to gain entry. Do not pile up wood for the fireplace right up against your house or garage. Instead, keep it at least 30 feet away at the perimeter of your property.

Professional Pest Control

If you see any signs of termite damage or if do-it-yourself techniques are not for you, our Sugar Land pest control experts are ready to assist. With years of experience in getting rid of termites, we offer a variety of long term solutions to rid your home and property of these troublesome pests. Our comprehensive pest control can also rid your home of other unwanted insects and vermin that may have colonized in the property.

Taking a dual-pronged approach of home maintenance and professional pest control may offer the most effective solution for keeping your house free of termites. By engaging in preventative pest control and taking care of other home maintenance needs, your Sugar Land home will be your pride and joy for many years.

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