How Radiant Barriers Help You Go Green

How Radiant Barriers Help You Go Green

Going green is a growing trend across a wide variety of industries, companies and products. When it comes to home appliances and construction, environmentally friendly options are becoming the norm. The HVAC industry is no different. From green air conditioning options to radiant barriers and attic insulation, the options for reducing your home’s carbon footprint are endless.

Why You Need to Reflect the Sun’s Heat

You probably haven’t given much thought to attic insulation or the temperature of your attic, but you should. Why? Well, a normal roof has heat beaten down on it several hours every day. This heat is absorbed by roof shingles and then conducted to the sheathing, which means that the heat moves through the home’s roofing materials looking for cooler places.

In the above scenario, the attic becomes extremely hot as heat continues penetrating your home through the roof. This causes your air conditioner to work harder to keep the air flowing through the ductwork cool. It also means that heat begins to seep into your home.

How to Regulate Your Home’s Temperature

A radiant barrier is one shiny thing that will actually help you save money rather than empty your pockets. How does it work? Radiant barrier installation stops heat gain after the first step. Heat still hits the roof and begins to conduct downward into your home, but this reflective, low emissivity barrier stops the heat in its tracks and sends it back to where it come from.

Low emissivity means that rather than spread (conduct) heat, like wood would, the material used in radiant barrier installation reflects heat away. Rather than having a hot attic, you will now have a protective air pocket at the top of your home.

Benefits of Attic Barriers

There are many pluses to this green home upgrade:

  • Lower indoor temperatures in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter
  • Lower utility bills all year
  • Cooler attic temperature and less strain on your home’s AC unit
  • Cost-effectiveness upgrade with easy modifications

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