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  • Use Pest Control, Plumbing and AC Maintenance to Spruce up Your Home

    Home ownership comes with a lot of maintenance responsibilities ranging from changing light bulbs to replacing water heaters . We, at Trademark Home Services , can help you with these things and anything in between. Here are some important home maintenance considerations to keep your home safe, comfortable and in its prime condition. 1. Plumbing Maintenance Regular tests, inspections, and repairs ...
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  • Dirty Ducts Can Contribute To Your Allergies

    Allergies to pollen, mold and pet dander affect many homeowners, and these allergens often accumulate in a home’s ductwork. Studies have shown that indoor air quality can have a major effect on health, making duct cleaning an essential part of home maintenance for the well-being of Sugar Land residents. Although airborne particles can build up inside a home’s ductwork, a visit from Trademark Home ...
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  • Why You Should Never Perform Electrical Repairs Yourself

    Are you thinking about doing your own electrical work? These days, everyone wants to save money, but there are a few areas that you should leave for the professionals. While some home electrical repair projects are completely safe, Trademark Home Services recommends limiting yourself to repairing minor unplugged appliances. When it comes to adjusting outlets, fixtures or other types of wiring, it ...
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  • How to Prevent Termites In Your Home

    Termites are widespread throughout the country and can do thousands of dollars of damage to a home in a short amount of time. Termite control is essential in protecting what is likely to be your greatest asset: your home. Preventing pests such as termites requires action on your part as well as the services of a professional pest control service company. Maintain Your Home Termites are opportunity ...
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  • A Guide to Choosing the Best Water Heater

    A new water heater gives you the opportunity to ensure that everyone in your household enjoys hot water whenever they need it, even during peak demand periods. Choosing a product that meets your needs, budget and space, however, can be challenging. This guide from the pros at Trademark Home Services can help direct you towards the water heater best for you. Conventional Water Tanks Heating water ...
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  • How Radiant Barriers Help You Go Green

    Going green is a growing trend across a wide variety of industries, companies and products. When it comes to home appliances and construction, environmentally friendly options are becoming the norm. The HVAC industry is no different. From green air conditioning options to radiant barriers and attic insulation , the options for reducing your home’s carbon footprint are endless. Why You Need to ...
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  • The Importance of Proper Attic Insulation

    Insulation is necessary to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. One of the most effective places to add insulation is in the attic, which is where it is often placed in new home construction. When this space is protected, your energy bills throughout the year will drop. However, over time, insulation wears down, allowing heat to seep into or out of your home. At Trademark Home ...
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  • Understanding Gas Leaks Can Save Your Life

    More than 50% of American households use natural gas as their primary heating source, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The gas lines to your Sugar Land, TX, home supply a clean and efficient source of energy for your heating system and gas appliances. If a gas leak should occur, however, it’s critical to take immediate action to address the problem. Natural gas is highly ...
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