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Indoor Air Quality

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  • Your Home Could Be Over-Insulated

    If you have been living in Texas for more than a year, we don’t have to tell you that the winter weather has a way of sneaking into your home and chilling your toes. Proper insulation, especially up in the attic , plays a critical role in keeping out the elements and keeping in your desired home temperature. Before you rush upstairs and to the walls to reinforce your insulation, you should know ...
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  • Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

    When people think about allergies and the symptoms they cause – ranging from coughing to sneezing to stuffiness – the idea of being outdoors and surrounded by pollen and nature usually comes to mind. But the truth is that most of the time, the air that is the worst quality and the worst for your nose is the air inside your own home. An inefficient or neglected HVAC system can become laden with all ...
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  • Dirty Ducts Can Contribute To Your Allergies

    Allergies to pollen, mold and pet dander affect many homeowners, and these allergens often accumulate in a home’s ductwork. Studies have shown that indoor air quality can have a major effect on health, making duct cleaning an essential part of home maintenance for the well-being of Sugar Land residents. Although airborne particles can build up inside a home’s ductwork, a visit from Trademark Home ...
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