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  • 6 Easy Ways to Save Water and Money in the Home

    While reducing your water bill may not be high on your list of ways to cut costs, making an effort to save water here and there can actually make quite an impact on your monthly expenses. When considering how improvements to the nation’s drinking water infrastructure are expected to cost a whopping $1 trillion between now and the year 2035, much of which will be passed on to consumers, the sooner ...
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  • How Radiant Barriers Help You Go Green

    Going green is a growing trend across a wide variety of industries, companies and products. When it comes to home appliances and construction, environmentally friendly options are becoming the norm. The HVAC industry is no different. From green air conditioning options to radiant barriers and attic insulation , the options for reducing your home’s carbon footprint are endless. Why You Need to ...
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  • The Importance of Proper Attic Insulation

    Insulation is necessary to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. One of the most effective places to add insulation is in the attic, which is where it is often placed in new home construction. When this space is protected, your energy bills throughout the year will drop. However, over time, insulation wears down, allowing heat to seep into or out of your home. At Trademark Home ...
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