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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Your Home Could Be Over-Insulated

    If you have been living in Texas for more than a year, we don’t have to tell you that the winter weather has a way of sneaking into your home and chilling your toes. Proper insulation, especially up in the attic , plays a critical role in keeping out the elements and keeping in your desired home temperature. Before you rush upstairs and to the walls to reinforce your insulation, you should know ...
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  • Tips to Prepare Your Home's HVAC System for the Holiday Season

    If you are like most American homeowners, you probably have at least one more party or event planned for the holiday season, not even including New Year’s Eve. While you are busy getting ready with food, decorations, games, furniture, and so on, don’t forget to prepare your own home. In particular, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is going to need some attention if you ...
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  • Reasons for Uneven Heating in Your Home

    Now that it is November, the winter season is apparent here in Sugar Land, Texas, especially at night when the temperatures drop below 60. People all throughout the greater Houston metropolitan area are switching on their heaters to stay warm and cozy, but many are discovering that a room or two in their households stay frigid. Is this happening to you, too? Wouldn’t you like it if it didn’t? If ...
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  • 5 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Electrical Wiring

    The electrical wiring in our homes is an essential feature that we rely on day in and day out to power our various household appliances. Unfortunately, most people do not ever think about the quality or condition of their home’s wiring until disaster strikes. Electrical malfunctions are the leading cause of house fires, devastating more than 50,000 fires per year. Luckily, many of these disasters ...
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  • Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

    When people think about allergies and the symptoms they cause – ranging from coughing to sneezing to stuffiness – the idea of being outdoors and surrounded by pollen and nature usually comes to mind. But the truth is that most of the time, the air that is the worst quality and the worst for your nose is the air inside your own home. An inefficient or neglected HVAC system can become laden with all ...
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  • Winter Is Coming: Get Your Furnace and Heater Inspected

    While it seems like just yesterday you were lounging out by the pool, time has flown by and the fall weather is starting to settle in. Believe it or not, pretty soon you will need to fire up your home’s furnace or heater to combat the chill of winter. Before that time comes, however, it is important you make sure your heater is working in peak condition. Routine maintenance and periodic servicing ...
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  • 6 Easy Ways to Save Water and Money in the Home

    While reducing your water bill may not be high on your list of ways to cut costs, making an effort to save water here and there can actually make quite an impact on your monthly expenses. When considering how improvements to the nation’s drinking water infrastructure are expected to cost a whopping $1 trillion between now and the year 2035, much of which will be passed on to consumers, the sooner ...
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  • 5 Tips to Avoid Common Plumbing Problems

    Nobody ever wants to call a plumber for repairs. Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies never call ahead and schedule an appointment – they almost always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. When things go wrong, especially under unexpected circumstances, unanticipated costs and frustrations can put a damper on even the best of days. While not all plumbing emergencies are avoidable, some can ...
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  • When Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

    If you enjoy a hot shower or bath at the end of the day, and you do not enjoy significant water damage affecting your home, knowing when to repair or completely replace your water heater is a must. You don’t have to be a professional plumber or service technician to know when maintenance is required. Just keep these five helpful tips in mind and you should be able to spot water heater issues ...
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  • Problems Bedbug Infestations Can Cause

    While termites, fleas, roaches, and rats might be at the top of your personal “pests you do not want in your home” list, bedbugs should probably be on there, too, just because of how common they can be. In homes both pristine and filthy, bedbugs can thrive due to the fact that they don’t need grime or dirt to survive, just an unsuspecting person. The tiny, oval, and brown insects don’t have to eat ...
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