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How Air Conditioning Functions

How Air Conditioning Functions

The major components in an air conditioner are the evaporator which receives liquid refrigerant, a condenser that facilitates heat transfer, expansion valve that regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator and a compressor which pumps that pressurizes refrigerant. These parts work together to manage refrigerant and move air outside and inside. An air conditioner uses the evaporation of a refrigerant to provide cooling. The compressor compresses a cool refrigerant which causes it to become hot, high-pressure gas. The hot gas then runs through a set of coils dissipate its heat, and it condenses into a liquid. The liquid then runs through an expansion valve, and in the process it evaporates and becomes a cold low-pressure gas. This cold gas runs then runs through a set of coils which allows the gas to absorb heat and cool down the air inside your home.

Your air conditioner also helps to dehumidify your home. Temperature is a key component of relative humidity so reducing the temperature of a volume of humid air causes it to release a portion of its moisture. Air conditioners have drains and moisture-collecting pans near or attached to air conditioners to catch water that is released. The more humid the day is the more the air conditioner will discharge more water.

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