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Reasons to Upgrade Your Water Heater

Reasons to Upgrade Your Water Heater

If you’ve taken that old, half-finished bathroom in your basement and turned it into another sparkling full bath, it might be time to update your water heater. At Trademark Home Services, we specialize in water heater installation in Sugar Land and can have you enjoying a nice warm bath or shower in no time. Depending on your preference, we can install conventional or tankless hot water heaters, giving you efficiency and adequately-heated water throughout your home.

An outdated water heater has to work overtime to keep your house’s taps heated, and if you’ve added more water sources to your home – such as a new shower or bathtub – the rest of the house could suffer with less hot water. A tankless water heater is a great choice when remodeling since it supplies hot water on demand, meaning someone could be washing the dishes while you take a nice, hot soak after a long day. We carry the world’s leading manufacturers in electric, gas, and solar water heaters and we’re currently offering some great deals on water heater installation, so be sure to ask how you can save on your new appliance.

As a Top Rated Local® Home Contractor, Trademark is the perfect choice for all of your home’s needs. Whether you need a water heater, re-piping, electrical work, or air conditioning repair, we have you covered. We’ll provide you with a fair and competitive estimate, so you’ll know that you haven’t overpaid or received inferior service. Put the finishing touches on that new bathroom, contact Trademark, and look forward to steaming hot showers and baths.