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Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

No one likes finding rodents in their basement or attic. If you hear scurrying or gnawing sounds behind your walls and notice damage to your baseboards, it’s possible that rodents have taken up residence in your home. At Trademark Home Services, we’re prepared to send rodents on their way by expertly removing them from your house. Our pest control in Sugar Land is designed to provide you, the homeowner, with relief and peace of mind.

One of the best ways to keep rodents out of your home is to set up preventative measures. While traps and other capture methods can be effective, the best way to ensure no mice or rats find their way inside is to make sure all exterior entry points are sealed. If you have even a small opening in your foundation, or an outdoor crawlspace that isn’t quite sealed, rodents will see that as a prime opportunity to enter your home and find out what it has to offer in terms of food and shelter. Speaking of food, if you have pets, be sure to keep their kibble in a tightly-sealed container. Rodents love to sample dog and cat food.

If you’ve noticed small droppings or damage marks in your basement or attic, give Trademark Home Services a call today. We’ll provide you with superior pest control in Sugar Land, and make sure that rodents aren’t an issue that you’ll have to face again in the future. We can set up routine inspections, to ensure that your home remains rodent-free.